💰Revenue-based $TAKI

How Projects work

$TAKI tokens are at the core of Taki games. $TAKI tokens are distributed to those who contribute value to the project. This includes the development team, early investors, and engaged players. As Taki Games earns revenue, some portion of it will be used to purchase tokens from the open market. The more successful Taki Games is, the more $TAKI will be purchased from open markets. Players can earn $TAKI from our games. As players make progress in their games, they will earn in-app currency which can be exchanged for either gift cards or $TAKI. $TAKI will offer a better redemption rate for users. However, some users will likely not be crypto-savvy, and we want to offer a gift card option that works for them. $TAKI is native to Solana, but $TAKI activity primarily takes place on Polygon PoS, which has much lower gas fees. Taki Games users are rewarded in Polygon $TAKI, and the majority of DEX liquidity will be on Polygon. Be careful to use the right blockchain!

Taki Games app revenue is used to purchase $TAKI tokens from the public markets. Additionally, player token rewards are supported by these purchases. In this way, Taki Games solves some problems common in web3 games. Player rewards are always net deflationary, as they are covered by open market purchases. If a player earns $5 worth of $TAKI, then at least $5 of Taki Games revenue was used to buy those tokens. This is unlike many "play-to-earn" games in which player rewards are uncovered, and thus inflationary. If a player redeems for gift cards instead of $TAKI, Taki will still make purchases of tokens that will provide deflationary pressure. This revenue-based model makes Taki Games more sustainable, as it benefits from raw engagement, rather than growth. As Taki Games users play and game partners pay, Taki Games will earn more revenue to use for token purchases. Thus, $TAKI always benefits as Taki Games grows. This is unlike some boom-and-bust web3 games where they rely on player growth to increase token demand, and become unsustainable as soon as growth flatlines, even if the playerbase is large. In contrast, Taki Games is perfectly happy with a large but constant playerbase.

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